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Penalties and fines

Sanctions for speed limits

When the maximum allowed spеed has been exceeded by more than 31 km/h three or more times in a period of one year from the date of entry into force of the traffic ticket or the electronic fiche imposing a sanction for the same kind of violation, the driver of the motor vehicle is sanctioned with the fine envisaged for the respective violation in a double amount and deprivation of the right to drive a motor vehicle for a period of six months.

Sanctions for other violations for the drivers and passengers in the vehicles on the roads of the Republic of Bulgaria:

A sanction/Fines/ amounting to BGN 200 shall be imposed on a person who has unlawfully (having no permit to do so) parked a vehicle on a place designated for a vehicle servicing people with disabilities, or for a vehicle adapted and managed by people with disabilities.

A sanction /Fines/ amounting to BGN 100 shall be imposed on drivers for:
- running a red taffic light
- not giving preference to walkers on a footh - path
In the case of repeating of any of the above violations within 1 year the driver shall be fined to pay BGN 200 and a disqualification to drive a motor vehicle for a period of one month shall be imposed on him/her.

A sanction /Fines/ amounting BGN 50 is imposed in the following cases:
•    Driving a motor vehicle in the BUS lane without having the right to do so;
•    Driving a motor vehicle with worn out or torn tires;
•    Use of mobile telephone while driving without using “Hands free” device;
•    Not using safety belt or helmet;
•    Stay or parking in the active lane of movement next to stopped motor vehicles in the direction of movement.

Sanctions for driving after consuming alcohol:
For driving a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration in the blood from 0,5 to 1,2 per mill , the driving license is suspended for a period from 6 up to 12 months, and the fine is between BGN 500 and 1000.

A fine of BGN 2000 and suspension of the driving license for a period of 2 /two/ years is imposed on every driver who refuses to be tested for alcohol or narcotics substances.


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