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Civil liability insurance

With the insurance contract of “Civil liability” the insurer cover to the amount stated in the contract, the liability of the insured for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage caused to third parties.

The insurer shall pay compensation for:

- pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage
- missed benefits, which are direct and immediate result of the tort,
- interest on late payments, when the insured is responsible for their payment to the injured person
- the costs of the proceedings against the insured in case of involving in the process.

- Civil liability relating to the possession and use of a motor vehicle.

The insured persons are the owner of the insured vehicle/ valid insurance policy is needed, and any other person that use the vehicle legally.

Third parties are considered all persons except the person responsible for the damage.
Victim is the person who has died or suffers bodily injuries caused by motor vehicles.

The injured person or the victim has the right of compensation for damage caused by motor vehicles.

Insurance coverage:

Any liability for damage caused to third parties arising from the use of land motor vehicles.

Limitation period - 5 years from the date of the event

Documents required to lay a claim


1. Written statement about the accident or Protocol of findigs

The statement of findings is drawn up in case someone is hurt and the following traumatic injuries exists – average bodily injury, grievous bodily injuries or death.

- Written statement about the accident is drawn up in case that only property damage is identified.

2. Auto technical expertise

3. Medical expertise

4. Order to raise charged against the responsible driver by the prosecutor

5. A copy of the insurance policy  for “Civil liability”


1. Record sheet for emergency services
2. Expert report
3. Autopsy protocol for death
4. Recipes
5. X-rays and the deciphering
6. Documents of analysis and the deciphering


1. Invoices for medicines
2. Invoices for services rendered for rehabilitation
3. Invoices for the purchase of metal plates, screws, aids / crutches, canes, neck collars and others.
4. Invoices of  funeral service in case of death
5. Documents proving missed benefits - contracts, salary slips, etc..
6. Certificate of inheritance - in case of death

An effective sentence or verdict against the responsible party

- Civil  liability relating to the possession and use of aircraft.

Insurance coverage:

Civil liability in respect to third parties (other than passengers) – loss in respect  to accidents like injury and damage to property caused by aircraft or any person or object  fallen from it.

Civil liability in respect to the passengers - personal injury caused in accident / boarding or disembarking from the aircraft and loss or damage of the luggage and personal belongings of passengers arising of an aircraft accident

- Civil liability related to the possession and use of vessels.

Insurance coverа:

1. Any liability for damages arising from the use of vessels.

2. Civil liability of the carriers using vessels.

- General Liability


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