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Agricultural insurance

Insurance of agricultural crops

Provide protection against crop losses caused by natural disasters, fires, frost, rain and floods. Object of insurance are all types of crops grown in the country. Subject of the insurance are: agricultural crops, vegetable gardens and orchards, vineyards, medical and aromatic crops grown outdoors or in greenhouses, etc..

Insurance cover of agricultural crops

According to the type and conditions of the insurance it may cover from a minimum insurance package to almost any damage that may occurred. The basic insurance coverage is for  quantitative damage to the crop, due to: hail, storm, fire of the root, torrential rain, floods, late spring and early autumn frost, freezing, suffocation in grain, sludge, damage from falling aircraft and others.

Insurance Amount

The insurance amount per hectare for different agricultural crops is determined by mutual agreement, but is consistent with the market conditions and the production statistics of the area. The insurance amount may not exceed the actual value of the crop's maximum selling price that can be realized at the end of the prescribed retention period. This value is calculated after the expiry of one year insurance period, if the insurance is for the season - after its expiration.

Actions in case of damage

In case of damage - the insured shall promptly notify the insurer. The Damage to the agricultural crops are inspected on site by a commission, composed of representatives of the insurer, assisted by an expert - an agronomist. If the insured disagrees with the assessment, it is possible a re-order, provided that the damaged crops are preserved in the state in which they were on the first order or sample plots are left.


The insurance covers losses in case of death or slaughter (destruction of necessity) resulting from fire and natural disaster to the  bred animals, birds, fish and fry, bee colonies. Optionally, the insured may ask for additions to the coverage. An individual animals could be insured as well as all animals possessed of a kind.


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