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Accident of public transport passengers

Object of the insurance are the health, life and the physical integrity of the passengers in the public transport.

The health, life and the physical integrity of the drivers of vehicles and the support staff are not object of the insurance.

Carriers that operate with the public transport on the territory of Bulgariawhen are obliged to conclude and maintain a compulsory insurance “Accident of the passengers”.


- death
- permanent disability

Passengers are considered persons located in vehicles or in their immediate vicinity before embarking and after disembarking.

The covered risks are the death or the permanent disability of the passengers.

Means of the public transport are:

1. rail vehicles;
2. buses and trolley buses;
3. aircraft;
4. all kinds of sea and river vessels;
5. cableways and lifts,
6. taxis. The insurance is effective only when the insured event has occurred in the territory of Bulgaria.

Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers when the vehicle is in motion or outside the designated areas terminate the insurance, unless leaving the vehicle in motion is caused by an immediate danger to life or health of passengers. When a special circumstances require the diversion of aircraft or the shipping vehicle for public transport, insurance shall be valid for the duration of this diversion

Exceptions of the insurance coverage. The insurer does not pay a compensation, when the death or the disability to the passenger is due to:

1. war, riot or acts having a military character, civil commotions, etc.;
2. terrorist act, except in cases where it is specifically agreed with the insurer;
3. attempt to commit or committing a crime of general nature of the passenger;
4. Suicide attempts or suicide of a passenger;
5. disease of any kind of a passenger, including epileptic seizures or seizures of other diseases, haemorrhage, paralysis, gastrointestinal infections, food poisoning and other, except if as result of the accident diseases and suffering arise and they cause death or bodily injury;
6. premature birth or abortion of a passenger unless they are caused by an accident;
7. temperature influences (cold, frost, sun or heat stroke), surgery, radiation, injections and other therapeutic actions of a passenger when they are not a result of the accident ;
8. alcohol poisoning and the respective disabilities caused by the poisoning, use of drugs or their analogues by a passenger;
9. earthquake or atomic and nuclear explosions, radioactive products and contamination of them, radiation (ionizing) radiation.

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