Supporting, consulting and assisting of insured and injured in road traffic accidents.
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Association in defence of insured and injured in road traffic accidents’ activities are divided in four areas: Campaigns directed to road safety; Education; Legislation and Assistance in RTAs.
The association provides completely free help and assistance to RTAs’ victims.

We also cooperate to the victims and their relatives to obtain compensations from the insurance companies and national authorities.

The association actively interacts with leading medical institutions to provide competent medical care to victims.

We have opened national, free of charge, 24/7 phone number 070010168 for medical and legal advice for road accidents’ victims.

As a leading NGO in road safety board members were invited to provide professional opinion and proposals on many legislation amendments including Insurance Code, Criminal Code and other related laws. Our association develops measures ensuring safer road users - drivers, passengers, pedestrians.

We take the initiatives to increase the insurance culture. Successfully cooperate with the traffic police, local government and public administration to improve traffic safety.
Key priorities for us are the integration of systems and programs for road safety in the country and the region, reduce road accidents and increase insurance culture of the population.


Association in defence in RTAs’

  • Your advisor and assistant in case of insurance event

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