Supporting, consulting and assisting of insured and injured in road traffic accidents.
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Objectives of the Association  - The objectives that the Association defending insured and harmed in accidents sets are:

  • to help, advise and assist the victims of accidents  in  receiving a fair
  • compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage;
  • To participate with government authorities, insurers and NGOs in updating
  • the legislation concerning the  insurance;
  • to develop measures to ensure greater safety of the  road traffic - drivers, passengers, pedestrians
  • to undertake initiatives to increase the insurance culture;
  • to cooperate with the traffic police, local government and public administration for improving the traffic safety;
  • to interact actively with leading medical institutions for providing competent medical care to the victims of accidents.


Association in defence in RTAs’

  • Your advisor and assistant in case of insurance event

Member of ETSC